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Roast Split Chicken with Mustard Sauce

May 10, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

I had done a variation of this mustard-coated butterflied chicken a while back, not following Pepin’s recipe exactly but using another blogger’s version of it as inspiration, then butterflying the chicken and roasting it according to Pam Anderson’s suggestions.

Roast Butterflied Chicken with Mustard Crust

Roast Butterflied Chicken with Mustard Crust

Having watched Pepin butterfly the chicken on the video made things much easier!  You can watch it here!  The butterflying starts at about 5 1/2 minutes into the video. I think the cuts he makes at the two joints made a big difference in terms of cooking evenly and quickly.

Pepin posted the full recipe for this butterflied roast chicken so I won’t repeat. I used up the last of the fantastic garlic mustard from the farmer’s market on the chicken last night. It was great with mashed potatoes and some roast asparagus, plus these small berry custards for dessert.

After I butteflied the chicken, I put the back and innards of the chicken into a saucepan with enough water to cover and set it to simmer fr some light broth.

I got the asparagus prepped while the chicken and potatoes were boiling, then popped the asparagus into the oven when I pulled the chicken out. Let the chicken rest a few minute while I mashed the potatoes, then deglazed the pan with some of the chicken stock I had made while the chicken was roasting.

Edited to note that we’ve now had the leftovers two way and they were fantastic. Youngest took a chicken leg and thigh to school for lunch along with some fruit and leftover roast potatoes. Lunchbox came back empty.  I took some meat off the bone and sliced it up and added to a lovely salad for lunch, with hearts of palm, radish, avocado, red leaf lettuce and sunflower seeds with a Ranch dressing.


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